Persuasive Essay On Student Loan Debt

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College students, much like the rest of the population, become informed about what will affect them personally. Student loan debt is something that should concern students entering the realm of attending a university. $1.44 trillion is currently owed by U.S. college students and student loans affect over forty million Americans. These numbers intimidate and scare incoming college students, sometimes keeping them from fulfilling their full potential as a scholar. Education should not be threatened by financial hardships and barriers, rather a student’s integrity and willingness to learn. Student loan debt makes lives of college bound students, college attendees, and college graduates more stressful than it already is, especially for those who have not planned ahead or are not necessarily affluent. These issues cause many to question the worth of a college education. Often, students find that the debt that comes with a college education is too much to bear and have to alter their choice of schools based on the tuition. If one were to get into a very well regarded school but was not eligible for scholarships at that institution, it may be too much to afford and they must make a decision between going into heavy student loan debt or switching their school choice. This sad truth is the reality for many college bound students searching for the right place for them. When kids on their college search must alter their decision based on affordability, they could be missing their full
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