An Analysis Of Susan Is A 33 Year Old Caucasian Woman

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Susan is a 33-year-old Caucasian woman. She lives with her husband of fifteen years, Dick, and two children, Emma (3) and Junior (9). The client holds a bachelor’s degree in English and did freelance writing from home until after her daughter was born. She now works about twenty hours a week as a secretary in a law office, a job she has had about three years.
Her husband is a bank CEO who works over 60 hours a week. The client does not like the amount of hours worked and feels he should spend more time with her and their children. She also feels that his absence and apathy towards his family could be affecting Junior. The client reports her husband often making and breaking promises to their son but not being around for the emotional repercussions of his actions, so she has to “pick up the pieces.”
When asked about hobbies, the client said she goes out for a couple of drinks with a friend from work about once a month, and that she is a member of a couple book clubs.
The client came in for help with sleeping problems, but after a few questions from counselor, it became obvious that she has a drinking problem. She complained that she is unable to get to sleep, because she dwells on arguments between her husband and herself and the stress that develops as a result.
According to the client, her parents had a good and healthy relationship with very few fights. She was close to her mother, a seamstress who worked from home. They had a very open and communicative relationship.…
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