An Analysis Of Symbolism In Hanging Fire By Andre Lorde

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I chose to perform this poem because I can personally relate to it, the character in the poem and to the author herself. I would consider myself as a feminist just like Andre Lorde; also I would consider myself Anti-racism and anti-homophobic. Growing up I was surrounding by people who believed that women should stay home, and cook and clean, their job was to just take care of the kids, not only that but my religion was Islamic, my cousins belief and parents that women shouldn’t have a career, they Shouldn’t go out with friends. They shouldn’t go to school, all get married at a young age, and I was always against that women should have equal rights as women. Take an example I have a brother he would go out with his friends, drink party has fun. However if I did those things I was shunned, or even disgraceful. When it comes down to racism I never was racist I had a lot of friends who African American loved them just as much as any other race, I also had a lot of friends who were gay, and lesbian they are people too I treat everyone the way I would like to be treated. In the poem Hanging fire, it talks about a 14-year-old girl who’s going through so many emotions, feelings, and hormones that she doesn’t understand, nor doesn’t know how to respond or deal with. She feels like she’s alone, she has no support from anyone, not even her parents like her mother. She is yelling out for her support, that will help her, guidance. However, her mother doesn’t give what

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