An Analysis of President Obama’s Remarks about Marijuana Essay

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In a recent interview with David Remnick, a journalist from The New Yorker magazine, President Barack Obama made some controversial remarks about legalizing marijuana. President Obama stated that he did not think that marijuana was “more dangerous than alcohol” (Remnick). This comment has caused proponents of legalizing marijuana to praise the President, while opponents are criticizing him for seemingly supporting this banned substance. Author Frank James of wrote an article entitled “Obama's Marijuana Remarks Light Up Legalization Debate.” James explains how those who support legalization were encouraged by Obama’s comments. In contrast, an article published by entitled “Taking a Hit: Anti-Drug Groups Rebuke Obama over Marijuana Remarks” states that opponents of legalization were outraged at what the President had to say about making marijuana legal. These two articles highlight the divide among Americans on this controversial issue.
In the article “Obama’s Marijuana Light up Legalization Debate,” Obama fear that many of the arrests are with young minorities and the poor. Most of the jail’s in America are filled with young African Americans and Hispanic kids who do not know anything, but what they are accommodated to being raised in the poor neighborhoods. Therefore marijuana has been a huge debate throughout the country. People who are for legalizing the drug felt that President Obama was going to be a main target because of his past with drugs…