An Analysis of Robert Wright's 'Evolution of God'

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Evolution of God The book Evolution of God by author Robert Wright attempts to understand how humanity has created the singular all-powerful God of the Abrahamic religions; namely Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. In his book, he tries to make the point that what people accept as some omnipotent and ephemeral God is really just the evolution of a series of prehistoric beliefs which are no more based in fact than any other religious deities. Robert Wright locates the creation of the Judeo-Christian God with the formulation of other myths and legends. One of the more interesting aspects of Wright's books is the concept of moral progression. In the time of the ancients, strict adherence to the laws of the bible as they were written. As time has progressed and human beings have changed through the progression of time, morality has changed as well. Things which were acceptable in one era are no longer so, such as the marriage of young people in their early teens while other things which were once unacceptable have now gained moral acceptance such as homosexuality and gay rights. In this, Wright poses an interesting point because the God of the Old Testament was an angry and often vengeful deity who punished with impunity and was capable of great acts of terror including flooding the earth and killing nearly every man, woman, and child. The God that people tend to worship in the modern moment is very far removed from his more ancient counterpart. There was a noted

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