An Article On Child Abuse

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In August of 2016 journalist Wesley Muller published an article in the Sun Herald regarding a shocking case of child abuse that began to shed light on a potentially broken partnership. Wesley informed the Mississippi Gulf Coast that in June of 2014 a two-year-old female in the custody of The Department of Human Services (Child Protective Services) was brought to the emergency room and there tested positive for the sexually transmitted disease, gonorrhea along with signs of vaginal penetration. Though law enforcement responded to the hospital and made an initial report, by the time Wesley’s article was published, the case was closed with no indication of a follow-up report conducted and no suspects. This story brings up the simple question of whose responsibilities were left unfulfilled in processing this obvious case of child abuse?
When children are involved, either directly or indirectly, in any criminal activity, law enforcement relies on its partnership with Child Protective Services to not only keep the child properly housed, fed, and clothed but to also ensure that justice for the child is served to the fullest and safety is maintained. However, it is becoming more apparent, with the help of those like Wesley Muller that someone somewhere has failed in their responsibilities to ensure that all legal processes are satisfied regarding child abuse cases. Law enforcement agencies and Child Protective Services are intended to work hand in hand to pursue justice in child…

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