The Failure of Child Protective Services in America Essay

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The controversial issue of whether or not Child Protective Services are doing their jobs properly, has grabbed nationwide attention. Child Protective Services is the name of a government agency in many states of the United States whose mission is to respond to reports of child abuse and neglect. Some of these cases may include physical abuse, sexual abuse, and mental abuse (Wikipedia). The child welfare system is corrupted. The parents and guardians who are accused of abuse are automatically labeled as guilty and will have to prove their innocence; instead of being innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, many social workers overstep their boundaries and round up children to make it seem like they are needed, by lying about the…show more content…
They separate families by making arbitrary decisions and by not investigating all sources of evidence or any evidence at all. Some CPS organizations do not always abide by the laws and even fail to follow their own regulations and policies. The children who are safe in the custody of their parents are being violated by a legal system that does not work. CPS organizations need to learn new techniques in distinguishing between real child abuse and parenting. Countless number of children that are removed from their homes should not have been. In New York alone, just as the police have to distribute a certain amount of citations a month, CPS workers are required by law to remove a certain amount of children a month to meet their quota. I believe that when a crime is committed against a child, police action should be take a s a necessary procedure to properly investigate and gather accurate evidence of abuse, therefore giving the accused fair due process. Many of the children who are placed into the care of Child Protective Services are situated into hellish foster homes with people who only care about the money they receive from the government for each child that is placed under their roof; and not for the welfare of the children. Numerous amounts of children that are caught up in the system, especially adolescent boy and girls, are physically and sexually abused. CPS claims that among the children who enter foster care, most will

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