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Aroosa Noor
Article #1. June 29, 2015
An article in daily crime report states that a 21 years old staffers resident was walking in his area and talking on phone, when he was approached by two guys, asking him if they could use his phone, when he refused to lend them his phone, few moments later he felt something heavy on the back his head and he fell on the ground and those two guys took his phone and the cash he had and fled from the scene on foot. This type of behavior is intolerable; now people can 't even take a walk in their area and have the freedom of using phone? They have to hide their phone away in the fear of being robbed and expect that someone might be following them to take away his/her belongings. This is a typical criminal justice example, that we need more security not only in the famous areas but also in the residential areas where people 's lives could be in danger any minute. I wonder once the suspects are caught, would they be put in jail or grant a bail, since the prisons are already full of criminals and there is no space for any minor criminals. Is it guaranteed that after being granted a bail, the suspects won 't repeat this incident? This may seem like a minor case, or daily story, but the people who are the victim to such crimes actually don 't observe this as a minor crime and they want full justice from the police.
Article #2. June 30
In news 10 abc, there is a highlight that, Stockton police arrested two people, who are charged with recent

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