An Assessment of My Research Skills Essay

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No doubt scientific research is being performed at a phenomenal rate worldwide. Drastic steps must be taken to keep all collected data “pure”. All findings should be collected via ethical means as mandated by standardized precepts in specific academic disciplines.
How do I conduct scholarly research worth merit? What research skills have I utilized in the past? What new research skills do I need to master? In this manuscript, my quest is to address the questions cited above. As a scholar-practitioner, I am learning the sequence of properly researching a particular topic will add substance and creditability to any project I undertake. Considering scientists may choose to reference my work in the future, I am ethically responsible to
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I also developed a desire to create academically-sound curriculum to utilize while educating school-aged students and young adults in the nuisances of financial education.
My passion to help others in this area exceeded the fear of not knowing how to conduct research on my topic of passion – financial literacy and awareness. My gut reaction was to interview and survey the different experts who helped me to get my financial house in order. This core group of supporters included several financial planners, counselors from Consumer Credit Counseling Service in Philadelphia, PA, bankruptcy attorneys, and church leaders from the fellowship that I attended. Survey questions ranged from how people acquired insurmountable debt to what practical steps can people start when considering a debt recovery plan. At the request of my bankruptcy attorney, I garnered statistical information from the American Bankruptcy Institute. The American Bankruptcy Institute (2009) is an impartial organization whose mission is to educate and research matters related to insolvency.
I also interviewed middle school counselors to help me to understand the learner’s culture in regards to the age group, what was important to them, and what type of textbook presentation would be most appealing to teenagers. After I gathered all of my data, I designed a primer, had the work published and registered
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