An Assignment on the Hrm Strategic Impact on the Royal Mail

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The essay is about the Universal postal firm in United Kingdom named the “Royal Mail” and its Human Resource Management Strategy and policies from 2005-2010. The essay starts with an Introduction and includes certain other factors which are mentioned below including its Competition, credit crunch and the measures taken by the Royal Mail to face all these Obstacles.


Royal mail is the United Kingdom 's national postal service which was established in 1516 by Henry VIII and was made available to the public in 1635 by Charles I. The GPO was Officially established by Charles II in 1660. Presently the Royal mail is having its operations all over UK
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With their Corporate responsibility in mind Royal Mail wishes to be different from its competitors on the basis of price and quality of the service provided.
Royal mail had created their corporate strategy by taking into consideration of their Organizational objectives and their achievement. It is in the Functional level the Human Resource Strategies arrives. 4.Human Resource strategy (Definition):- According to “ Lundy and cowling” (1998,p16), strategy is: “ The art of war, generalship, especially the art of directing military movements so as to secure the most advantageous positions and combination of forces.” The Human Resource Management team in the Royal Mail directs the workers by motivating them and providing them proper training in order to achieve the Organizational goals and to get a competitive advantage over its rivals. The term Human Resource Strategy is well defined as - “Human Resource management (HRM) is a strategic approach to managing employment relations which emphasises that leverage people 's capabilities is critical to achieving sustainable competitive advantage, this being achieved through a distinctive set of integrated employment policies, programmes and practices.” [ Bratton and Gold,4e,p3]

5.The Human Resource Management Strategy and Policies between 2005 – 2010:-

Human Resource Management forms the most important function in an Organization as

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