An Athlete's Salary

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As a sports fan I have always looked at athletes as well paid entertainers. These individuals are lucky enough to make millions playing a game that they would probably play for free. With the acquired wealth and visibility these professional athletes have it all. It has been suggested by many that these athletes should serve as role models. Charles Barkley former Nation Basketball Association all-star player disagreed vehemently with that sentiment. Mr. Barkley believed that athlete should not be role models for the sport that they play but should be role models as goodwill ambassadors in aiding the less fortunate. Adrian Peterson (All Day) is one of my favorite athletes. He is currently a running back with the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League. Mr. Peterson setup a foundation in 2008 (the All Day Foundation) to raise awareness and funds for projects that will help build a more prosperous future for at risk children. “Adrian Peterson established the All Day Foundation to raise awareness and funds for programs that inspire hope and build a better future for at-risk-children” (All day foundation, 2011). What caught my eye about his foundation is that one of his corner stones of the foundation is girls' empowerment. The foundation has a goal of empowering young children with the skillsets and values that will enable them to have the opportunity to become leaders. Adrian Peterson professes to be a Christian and has dedicated his life

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