An Comprehensive Literacy Instruction Is Essential And Paints The Picture For A Child 's Success

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A teacher’s learning instruction is essential and paints the picture for a child’s success in society. A teacher’s literacy instruction provides children with the needed skills to be fluent in reading, writing, phonemic awareness, and math. Phonics and phonemic awareness also help with reading comprehension. Preparing a child for fluency and comprehension means doing the basics and leading up to the high expected skills. Each step in developing reading and writing is built off the other; for example, cause and effect. What is an affective comprehensive literacy instruction? Is one better than the other? This essay will define comprehension literacy instruction and explain how to scaffold a child’s literacy development.
What Is Comprehensive Literacy Instruction? According to Cambridge (2012) “the term comprehensive literacy instructions means instruction that incorporates effective literacy instruction and is designed to support developmentally appropriate, contextually explicit, systematic instruction, and frequent practice, in reading across content areas; and developmentally appropriate and contextually explicit instruction, and frequent practice, in writing across content areas.” Comprehensive literacy instruction is made up of different components; five essential components and four additional components. The National Reading Panel identified the five components which are phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and text comprehension. The four additional

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