An Critical analysis of the poetic elements within the little-studied 'The Sun Rising' by John Donne.

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Analysis of Literary Technique in John Donne 's "The Sun Rising"

John Donne, author of many works of literature, including "The Sun Rising", is a master manipulator of literary techniques, which he uses to convey a powerful and profound message to the reader. Published in 1633 in Donne 's book entitled _Poems_, "The Sun Rising" is a poem depicting two lovers disturbed from their bed by the rising sun. Donne 's poem, "The Sun Rising," is comparable to woven fabric, each literary element tightly woven on the loom of Donne 's poetic mind. Donne 's expert manipulation of each literary technique, making each literary element work to its fullest potential in conveying his underlying theme, is what defines "The Sun Rising" as such a splendid …show more content…

This juxtaposition is clear evidence of movement from one point of view to another, otherwise known as a resolution, and its incorporation into "The Sun Rising" signifies Donne 's peace-making with the sun.

A second prominent feature of "The Sun Rising" are Donne 's underlying themes, evident in the poem. Donne 's entire purpose in writing "The Sun Rising" lies in his expression of his love for his wife. Grierson concurs, evidenced by his statement "Donne 's interest is his theme, love and woman, and he uses words not for their own sake but to communicate his consciousness of the surprising phenomena in all their varying and conflicting aspects" (29). The second part of Grierson 's statement helps the reader to understand Donne 's strange choice to convey his theme of love through images of adultery, when Donne 's true intent is to depict the love between himself and his wife. Grierson statement explicates this paradox by explaining that Donne 's diction isn 't meant to be taken literally as Donne 's choice of words lies not in their actual meaning, but the words ' denotation, the thoughts of love and the emotion these thoughts convey. A second theme in Donne 's "The Sun Rising" is the theme of secular love in divine concepts (Daley 3). Daley posits:

Another theme found in Donne 's love poetry is the juxtaposition of the sacred and the profane, mirroring secular love in divine concepts and expressing

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