An Enclosed Area Surrounded By Buildings

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Courtyard, an enclosed area surrounded by buildings, is an open sky space that both creates a sense of privacy and promotes a form of gathering for various purposes. Through centuries of evolvement and development, courtyard has flourished from different cultures and thrived in various forms. One may wonder, when and where did courtyard emerge? How and why have it made its mark on architectural history? Dating back to ca. 6000 BC, when courtyard made its first appearance in Jordan Valley, between Israel and the West Bank, courts have become widely used in Islamic regions especially in the mosques. Fifty centuries later, at a distant location on earth, a distinct type of courtyard architecture made its appearance and started prevailing in China. In what extent do the Chinese and Islamic courtyard differ form each other while share a degree of similarity? In the following text, two examples from the two cultures will be compared and contrasted to explicate the two typologies. The Great Mosque of Kairouan in Tunisia and the Forbidden City in China, although from two distinct cultures with no Figure 1.“Gallery at the Great Mosque of Kairouan,” Kairouan, 9 January 2010, Flicker. direct connections, exemplify monumental courtyard architecture that share relatable and adverse environmental setting, structural design and social values. Body Para. 1: background and setting Different geographical settings and climatical conditions give rise to the two courtyard architecture
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