An Endless Runner Game For Smartphones And Tablets Based On The Hit Television

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I have developed an endless runner game for smartphones and tablets based on the hit television show, Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad tells the story of Walter White, an ordinary chemistry teacher who finds out that he has cancer and Jesse Pinkman, a local street gangster who befriends Walter. Both Walter and Jesse decides to produce methamphetamine in order for Walter to pay for his medical bills and support his family. With the added advantage of Walter’s knowledge in chemistry, their product takes off and they both turn to a life of crime and encounter dangerous events that changes their lives forever. They come across various psychopaths. A mad drug lord named Tuco Salamanca, a no-nonsense authoritarian like meth distributor called Gustavo Fring and a white supremacist gang. As Walter White gets into various criminal activities, he puts his life and his family’s life in danger.

My concept for the game is a platform-based endless runner for smartphones and tablets, not to be confused for an endless runner in the third person perspective. The game will have the two main characters playable at the start, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. As one progresses in game, they will be able to unlock other characters such as Walter’s brother in law Hank, Gustavo Fring, the iconic RV from the show, Heisenberg (Walt’s clandestine alias) and Saul Goodman, their lawyer who uses unorthodox ways to get Walt and Jesse out of legal trouble. The reason I decided to make only two playable

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