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One thing you wouldn’t know about me from my application is I go overboard. I tend to follow questions to their logical conclusion, then go beyond that to their absurd conclusion as illustrated by my devotion to Academic Bowl.
My current tally on the most competitive quiz bowl app, Protobowl: 9,074 questions answered correctly out of 12,806 attempted.
This affinity began in sixth grade social studies where the teacher assigned an online quiz game called Free Poverty. One student at a time would answer geography-related questions from a website, and, as long as you got the answer right, you could stay at the front of the class (and a charity would send cups of water to a hungry population). Every time, my turn ended not because I had answered incorrectly, but because the …show more content…

I wanted to be a dependable team player, so I worked even harder.
All the work paid off. During the 2016 national competition in May, I ranked in the top 9 percent of 1,308 competitors, the highest individual performance ever posted by Decatur High School. I’m now team captain and have coaxed a lot of promising freshmen to join.
When I can identify the work of a little-known Spanish painter in my IB Spanish class or explain the Milgram experiment was named for Yale psychologist Stanley Milgram, classmates ask me, “Why do you know this stuff?”
The honest answer is because I can, but also because the discipline and focus required has made me a better thinker. We are in the midst of a presidential election where facts about hot-button issues like immigration have been obscured by feelings. Facts aren’t the enemy of critical thinking; they’re a foundational tool that provides context, points of reference and a memory bank from which to inform opinion and build solutions. I intend to keep making new deposits in my

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