An Enterprise Data Model ( Edm )

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A Data Model is the practice of developing a model that defines all the level entities of an enterprise at a logical level, how they relate to one another, their life cycles, the services and systems that act upon it, and the places of the entity’s application in the enterprise. An Enterprise Data Model (EDM) also defines each entity’s attributes and forms the ground of a common language in an enterprise (Rob, Coronel, & Crocke, 2008). This paper develops and illustrates a comprehensive enterprise data model for a particular group of choice in Wild Wood Apartments. The department of interest in the organization is the Administration Department and in particular the managerial level that manages the apartments. The paper further articulates the rules of operation within the department to allow for an application model. Finally, there is rule reflection, i.e. assessing the extent to which the data model reflects on the operating rules of the organization.
Enterprise Data Model
An enterprise data model presents an abstraction of a more complicated real-world event or object. Generally, a data is graphical simple representation, of an interconnected real organization’s data structures. The main function of the data model is to help in understanding the complexities of a particular organization. A data model within a database environment brings out the data structures, their transformations, constraints, relations, and characteristics, thus providing a blueprint of

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