An Essay About Living In The Catskills

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The catskills are beautiful mountains with beautiful trees. You don't want anything to happen to the trees do you. I don't want anything to happen to the trees in the catskills and neither did Sam gribley and lots of other people from.I don't think anything to happen to any trees except when they are making new houses which is the only thing that is holding Sam gribley from getting a new house. What his parent’s don't get and what sam doesn't understand and get is that he doesn't want a new house.

Sam wants his family to live like him in the catskills not in a house with a different style and way too many people. He doesn't want people to follow them up the mountain and live just like them I personally think it it’s a great idea but i'm …show more content…

Sam doesn't want his family to build a house up in the catskills but they really want to build a house up their. Sam thinks he will have no life up their it would be to easy for him he doesn't like having a lot of people there to be apart of his life.Sam also thinks people will start to try to make it into a town with stores and houses which is his greatest fear as a forester. He wants to keep his tree house and make others for his family with no house and people up here.

My thoughts on this house are very different from Sam I think it is a good idea to have a town of people and stores I like that.But not all people like that including Sam he wants to be loner by himself or with his family but if his family doesn't give in he’s gone.And Sam wants to persuade his parents to get a better home than a

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