An Essay On A Live Concert

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Electrifying Vibes “A live concert to me is exciting because of all the electricity that is generated in the crowd and on stage,” Elvis Presley once said. I agree with this statement. Live concerts, like a high voltage electricity line, are full of energy. It is not just one individual thing. It is the screaming of the audience, the beat of the drum, the strum of the ukulele, the beautifully crafted notes of the piano. It is not only the music, but the special effects set up. The lights, the lasers, the smoke rising from the bottom of the stage, the endless amount of colors flashing through the air. The music is much more meaningful live, and the feeling you have is indescribable. I will never forget my first concert. Then the morning of July 29, 2015, was finally upon me. It was a beautiful, summer day outside. Springing out of bed, excited as a little kid on their first day of school, I was filled with overwhelming joy. I had picked out my outfit in advance. Short black shorts, a classic band tee, and black converse, was what I had decided on. After making sure my outfit was quality, I put on my makeup, trying not to stab myself my eye with the mascara wand. As a I raced to get ready, I could not contain the smile that was trying to escape from my lips. As I stood at the top of the stairs, I hollered at my mom if she was ready to go. “My first concert,” I thought to myself. I had gotten the tickets from my mother as a premature Christmas present. After convincing her,

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