An Essay On Euphemism

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A euphemism is a word used in the place of another to take away the harshness or crudeness. The beginning of the word euphemism is (eu-) which means good in Greek. Euphemisms are usually used to cover up the unpleasantness of situations; instead of saying something is terrible you can say it is not the best. However, euphemisms can also be used to elevate an occupation and make it sound more important and desirable. Certain occupations are frowned upon because they require little to no education. Jobs that include a lot of physical labor are not very popular in contemporary society. To combat the decline in popularity f physical labor jobs companies have started using euphemisms. Growing up we all had one day out the week that the garbage truck came and the …show more content…

Nevertheless, lifeguards have been renamed wet leisure assistants in certain places. By changing the title of the job, the industry makes itself seem more formal. Jobs that have perfectly respectable names like librarian are also being tampered with. Librarians should be call information advisers according to sources. Information adviser, albeit a good name, does not improve on the status of being a librarian. Some new politically correct titles are overdoing it. Nurses are supposed to be able to comfort patients, but with a name like mortality managers it is hard to convince someone you are on their side. One of the most unnecessary title changes is the transition from accountant to Worldwide marine asset financial analyst. The title sounds like some type of government position, perhaps even a diplomatic job. Accountants are usually looked at as boring people due to their job description. The name may have been an effort to change opinions of the career and inspire potential employees to give accounting a chance. In conclusion, euphemisms can make a mundane job seem like an extravagant

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