Rhetorical Devices In The Onion

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Studies show that there the word gullible written on the ceiling above. In the article, The Onion, the writer talks about how people are gullible and fall for commercials. In the article the author used certain rhetoric devices that other commercials would use to make their product to seem legit. Barry, who wrote a mock press release that was published by The Onion claims that people who fall for ridicules commercials are fools by using ethos, imagery, and pathos. In the effort to appeal to credibility, the writer for The Onion utilizes ethos. The author talks about “real” scientist to boost the product. “What makes MagnaSoles different from other insoles is the way it harnesses the power of magnetisms to properly align the biomagnetic field around your foot,” said Dr. Arthur Bluni, the pseudoscientist who developed the product for Massillon-based Integrated Products.” When the author uses examples like this, we are just getting lied to and hopefully influenced. What is really happening is they are saying lies and talks about how these “scientist” are suggested their products. The author gives credibility to science and how their product heals them. “Special resonator nodules implanted at key spots in MagnaSoles convert the wearer’s own energy to match the Earth’s natural vibrational rate of 32.805 kilofrankels.” This develops the theory that using weird scientific words will make their product more believable. It is false and they are just trying to confuse the consumer

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