An Essay On The American Dream

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“DeJoria’s advice to business startups: ‘The American Dream is definitely still alive—more people just have to realize it’s alive…” (Motavalli). The American dream is still alive and kicking.
Jackie’s grandmother said all of these life lessons.
“‘You are so lucky to be an American – to know the language and get an education here.’ ‘You can do anything because it is America and the American Dream is real.’ ‘All I ask, is that you do something that will give back to this county that has given so much for out families’” (Dinneen).
All people who can achieve the American Dream through hope, overcoming barriers, and though hard work.
On her mom’s expedition in the boat from Vietnam to Australia “…the engine broke down. For those few hours, everyone prayed whether they believed in God or …show more content…

When Anzia first arrived in America from Russia, her “…first job was as a servant in an Americanized family…I left. Not a dollar for all my work…my second job…was in a sweatshop of a Delancey Street basement…The money I earned as hardly enough to pay for bread and rent…I could no longer pay for my mattress on the floor…(or) the bite in my mouth” (Yezierska).

Hard Work
Shahid Khan an immigrant from Pakistan, “…washed dishes for $1.20 an hour when he first came to the United States” (Motavalli). After meeting at a wedding Jackie’s parents married and had three kids. “My parents sacrificed so much for us. Working sometimes two jobs to support us all” (Dinneen).
Anzia proclaimed, “...the Promised Land rose up—wings for my stifled spirit— sunlight burning through my darkness—freedom singing to me in my prison—deathless songs tuning prison-bars into strings of a beautiful violin” (Yezierska) about

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