The American Dream Essay

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The American dream has many meanings but only one that matters, which is having a job that you enjoy and appreciate and for your freedom to be known. The Public Broadcast Service published videos that explored the daily realities of the New York working class. One video followed the experiences of Walid Abdelwahab. He is a well known cart vendor working on the streets of New York city he traveled all the way from Egypt to succeed and have a better lifestyle. Walid has been vending all of his life to help support his family; however, he has faced many rigor moments but he still continues to work with a smile on his face, no matter what happens. This supports the existence of the American dream because he moved from a different country leaving everything behind so that him and his family can live a happy life. People often ask, “Is the American Dream Possible,” According to the text “Mother Tongue” the speaker and her mother struggled to have a chance at the dream because of their heritage. Citizens of a different race often disrespected Amy’s mother because she was not a good english speaker and could not understand anything that was told to her, so they just thought that they could get away with anything. Amy Tan made sure that no one walked over her mother, she stood up for her, “when I was a teenager, she used to have me call people on the phone and pretend I was she. In this guise, I was forced to ask for information or even to complain and yell at people who had been

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