An Evaluation Of A Social Worker

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A social worker is obligated to report suspected abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult as under section 42 of Care Act 2014 safeguarding regulations this is a reasonable cause for a Local Authority to conduct an enquiry (Care Act, 2014c.23:P1:s42). Hence, even when working with family carers, social workers remain vigilant as according to Age UK (2016) 50 vulnerable people per hour are abused or neglected within their own home by people known to them. Accountability could explain social workers’ preference to undertake the assessments of both carer and who they care for at the same time. Joint working has two functions; incorporating and addressing the carer’s needs in the disabled plan (Alzheimer’s Society, 2016) and clarifying discrepancies, like those which may cause alarm (Knapp and Hewison, 1999). In addition, joint assessments incorporates and addresses the carer’s needs in the disabled person’s plan (). Likewise, Campbell Reay and Browne (2001) state that in-depth knowledge of the carers’ history and current lifestyle must be an essential part of the assessment process as it could highlight some aspect which potentially puts vulnerable people at risk of harm. When working with carers, social workers need to follow their ethical code of practice as the diversity and dynamics of caring means carers cannot be stereotyped (BASW, 2012; BASW 2015). One common misconception is that women are presumed to undertake caring roles because they are seen as more
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