An Evaluation Of Elementary School

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Wallace Scott Elementary School is part of the Masonville Independent School District. The rural community of Masonville has a population of 15,000. The school is labeled “at risk” due to factors like transience, underemployment, and poverty. In addition to being a Title 1 school, Scott Elementary also serves a large population of students identified by the teachers as reluctant years. The demographic is primarily minorities, with 65% Hispanic and 30% African-American students. Because of the aforementioned socio-economic barriers, the school consistently has a high percentage of special needs students, 20% of whom are identified as dyslexic.
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If not served, struggling students at Scott run the risk of functional illiteracy, which will greatly decrease their employment opportunities, income, independence, and overall productivity.
All materials purchased by the grant will serve to combat this problem in the Masonville community. The collection would include materials for educating parents/teachers concerning assisting the students, as well as visual and tactile aids. Posters showcasing dyslexic celebrities including Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Cruise, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, and Walt Disney will be prominently displayed in the section labeled; Everything Is Scrambled In My Head!, which shall be housed all together in one location for easy access to the students, teachers and parents. A free informational program called “Everything Scrambled In My Head!” will be offered to educate the community about dyslexia and introduce the materials. A local community member who identifies as dyslexic will be the guest speaker. Activities that demonstrate how a dyslexic sees written print shall be demonstrated. The library will provide handouts and information from the International Dyslexia Association and the American Dyslexia Association, which discusses dyslexia and how to obtain help. Teachers will be encouraged to read the children’s books to their class.
Mission Statement and Goals
Wallace Scott Elementary Library Learning Commons’ mission is to foster lifelong learning and

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