An Evaluation Of The Homeless Call Center

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Before seeing me, Precious was given paperwork to read that included an Informed Consent and Confidentiality form. She signed her name stating that she understood. However, when I discovered that she was on a 6th grade reading level, I went over the information with her about appointments, confidentiality, and record keeping. I didn’t get into fees and insurance too much because this is a nonprofit that offers services free of cost. Precious replied that she had heard it all before, but the conversation did help establish rapport. The homeless call center directs people to the different agency’s that could benefit them. For example, military veterans have a special shelter that works to fit their specific needs. This agency’s field area is for youth and teenagers. In Precious’ case, she is 16 and has two young children; she is going to need special help with being a young single mother. We can also offer services more common for minors in this group, such as having a lawyer who does pro bono legal services for emancipation cases. Jean Piaget pioneered that idea that children mature in their logical reasoning rather than by learning it. He developed a structured approach to cognitive development in four stages: the sensorimotor period, pre-operations period, concrete operation period, and formal operational period. Beginning at about 11 years old, the “Formal Operations” stage is during which persons develop the ability to think abstractly using hypothetical reasoning,
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