An Examination of Hitler's Life in Hitler: A Short Biography by A. N. Wilson

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A.N. Wilson’s novel reflects on Adolf Hitler’s life from the very beginning all the way until the end. In the beginning of the book Wilson examined the early life of Adolf Hitler and his original aspirations on what he wanted to be in life. As the book went on, Wilson started to show more and more how Hitler worked his way up the ranks eventually becoming the dictator of Germany. Wilson’s novel also debunks the myths that Hitler described in his own novel “Mein kiemph” of him struggling throughout his life. Hitler lived in comfortable middle class conditions and not the poor life as he described which was only one of his many lies. A.N. Wilson began with recounting the childhood of Hitler. As a young man, Hitler had dreams of attending an art institute to become an artist. All throughout the early parts of Hitler’s life, he had explained how much struggle he had to endure. Wilson explained Hitler was lying about having to live in “bad” conditions. Hitler was a son of a housemaid who he himself lived through rough times. Hitler lived in the middle class and he never worked a paid job in his life. When Hitler was of age he had to register for the Austrian military (Where is originally from). On April 20th, 1913 he jumped the Austrian-Germany border to flee from the Austrian police who was after him. In 1918, Hitler later joined the first Bavarian Infantry regiment after being rejected by the first regiment of King Ludwig the third army. Hitler was described as lazy in the

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