An Herbal Supplement Essay

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Hawthorn is an herbal supplement that has been effectively used to treat various chronic and acute diseases in individuals, but the most commonly used treatment has been for those who suffer from heart conditions. Hawthorn belongs to the rosaceae family and can be found in various regions all over the world, such as Europe, Asia, and North America (Wang, Xiong, & Feng, 2013). In both eastern and western medicine, the berries, leaves, and flowers of Hawthorn have been used in treating diseases that have been associated with the cardiovascular system. Various parts of the plant have been utilized to treat these heart conditions in humans by using the extracts of the plant to make capsules that are ingested or even using the leaves of Hawthorn to make tea. Several in vivo and in vitro studies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness that Hawthorn has in improving cardiovascular function by vasodilating blood vessels, decreasing arterial blood pressure, and lipid lowering effects (Wang, Xiong, & Feng, 2013). Hawthorn is also known to contain chemical constituents that have disease fighting properties that may help in the treatment of heart disease and fight free radical oxidation (Tassell, Kingston, Gilroy, Lehane, & Furey, 2010). The importance of Hawthorn in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, may provide individuals with this condition a safe and natural alternative to the current medications they are taking. The effectiveness of Hawthorn in the treatment of
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