An Hour Women

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"What could love, the unsolved mystery, count for in the face of this possession of self-assertion which she suddenly recognized as the strongest impulse of her being!” (Chopin). The Story of An Hour by Kate Chopin is a third person story that takes place in the late 1800’s when women were viewed as being below men in all aspects of their lives. Furthermore, the female protagonist name Mrs.Mallard is a young woman with heart trouble who is known to be very dependent on her “dead” husband Brently Mallard. Along with the Mallards, there are two supporting characters, Mrs.Mallard’s caring sister Josephine and Richard who is a friend of Josephine. That case being, the story’s deep meaning is that sometimes the loss of someone isn’t necessarily…show more content…
Mrs.Mallard even admitted “And yet she had loved him--sometimes. Often she had not” (Chopin). This verifies that even when she was married to him she did not completely love him all the time, and proves that her husband wasn’t such a good to her. Yet, she did weep in the beginning, but within an hour she felt much better and confident. Being that she does not have to deal with him ever again and can be freely happy. Additionally, the dramatic irony in the end demonstrates how Mrs.Mallard was truly excited and prepared for her new life that unfortunately never happened. Right after Mrs.Mallard began to feel prepared for her new life Mr.Mallard actually came home and was alive. In the beginning of the story, it was foreshadowed that Mrs.Mallard had some heart trouble. So then Mrs.Mallard got into a cardiac arrest once she saw him, the doctor and the other characters believed it was because she was so happy to her husband again. However, she did not die because of “joy,” she died because of how shocked and unfortunate of her husband being alive. Mrs.Mallard was delighted to live the rest of her life without her husband so she could have done whatever she want, and not have to put up with a man she often does not love. That is to say, not having her husband by her side would have actually been a benefit instead of a restraint in her
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