An Inside Look at Sports Psychology

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Introduction Sports psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour and mental processes while participating in sport (Robert Weinberg, 2010.). Academic sports psychology looks at the factors that affect participation and performance in sport. Areas that are covered in the academic research and theory are the person’s personality, attitudes, anxiety, stress and motivation (class notes, 2014). After carefully analysing the five forces of sports psychology (psychodynamic, behaviourism, cognition, humanist and Nero linguistic processing) the athlete or coach will be given additional ways to recognise either their own or others behaviour, understanding and rethinking their own or others action and perceptions. Psychodynamic: This is…show more content…
There are two types of condition for behaviourism. Classical- This associates a particular event or activity with another event or activity. Operate- This is the completion of doing some and being rewarded for it or to avoid discipline. Event: As a second year sports student I participated in playing soccer for the college. My aim was to try and do my best and show the coach how well I could play. I applied for the sports scholarship with hope of maybe being awarded it. I went to every training session and match and gave 100 percent commitment to the team. On one of the match days we had a very strong team playing and give our best shot to win it. During the match the opposite team were getting very frustrated as we were beating them 2 nil. Behind the referees back one of the players turned around and shoved me to the ground. The referee did not see any of it happening so nothing was done about it. When I tried to react to the stimulus response she ended up worse and I was sent off. As a result of this it was taken into

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