An Internship Is A Professional Program

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Introduction In the recent years employers are more interested in hiring new workers with a handful of experience in their field rather than their qualifications. An internship is a professional program that provides practical experiences to students in which they learn and can reflect back on for their future careers. Internships are increasingly becoming more evident in the work force as it helps give employers an opportunity to find good quality employees and in return provides good experience for the intern. Participating in internships, no matter paid or unpaid, is believed to strengthen the probability of acquiring a top-notch career in the competitive market. However, the difference between paid and unpaid interns can dramatically change that window of opportunity for those seeking to engage in it. As unemployment rates continue to rise, the competition for internship increases. A large part of the demand market includes newly graduated students who just finished a high educational degree in hopes to outshine their peers who are pursuing the same job. A significant amount of these young people are willingly taking on unpaid internships with the risk of them being unable to sustain their financial need. This ultimately hinders them from climbing up the social ladder (DiMaria, 2013). In addition to this problem, although there are a few unpaid internships out there that unprejudiced and moral, some employers who see unpaid internship as an opening for free labor with
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