An Ongoing Legacy : Baron Von Steuben

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An Ongoing Legacy: Baron Von Steuben

On April 18, 1775 a shot rang out in Lexington. This one simple gunshot was later known as “The shot heard round the world.” No one knows who fired the shot but it began the Revolutionary War. One man contributed more to the American Revolution than anyone else. Without Friedrich Von Steuben as an important mentor at Valley Forge, the war would have had a completely different outcome. Throughout the American Revolution, Baron Von Steuben had the greatest impact on America’s achieving victory. Steuben’s training with the American soldiers, sanitation system, and the Blue Book contributed to how honorable and memorable the baron is. As the American Revolution dragged on, the Continental Army …show more content…

General Wayne chose 1,200 prestigious soldiers from the army to attack at Stony Point. To make sure no issues with the army’s muskets occurred such as, accidental firing, or friendly fire incidents, the troops were told not to load their muskets and to only use their bayonets to fight (Moran 1). Many British soldiers were killed due to General Sir Henry Clinton and Lt. Colonel Johnston’s poor planning and other British soldiers were captured. Wayne sent a message to Washington telling him the fort at Stony Point was in their possession. Without Steuben’s training with the bayonets, the Continental Army wouldn’t have achieved this victory. Steuben created a sanitation system that followed throughout history for nearly a century and a half. Before Steuben arrived nothing was sanitary or generally organized. Huts and tents were not organized, they let animals rot when they died, and there was no arrangement of camp layout. At the end of the day men went into whatever hut or tent they pleased without thinking of the consequences. If another man in the tent was ill, everyone in his surroundings would be affected with the illness if it was contagious. At one point while the army faced these excruciating conditions, about one in four soldiers was ill (Davidson 184). By creating a plan and organizing the huts and tents, illness decreased. The women also contributed to helping the sick and wounded. However, without Steuben organizing

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