An Organizing Framework For Interprofessional Global Health Education

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An Organizing Framework for Interprofessional Global Health Education
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G lobal health is an extremely complex “… area of study, research and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide. Global health emphasizes transnational health issues, determinants and solutions; involves many disciplines within and beyond the health sciences and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration; and is a synthesis of population-based prevention with individual level care” (Koplan et al. 2009, 3). Beaglehole and Bonita (2010) proposed that global health is a collaborative trans-national research and action for promoting health for all.
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During an intercultural teaching experience in Japan in 2004 to 2005, the author had previous experience in developing and teaching an international nursing course. These experiences provided insight into the complexity of global health and the need to bring disparate but related concepts into a meaningful whole. Redwood-Campbell et al. (2011) described an organizing framework for global health curricula in family medicine. The aim was to identify and incorporate key educational elements to achieve desired global health education outcomes. Although the framework guides the curriculum for family medicine, an expanded framework is needed with an interprofessional focus. The purpose of this paper is to (a) present an organizing framework for interprofessional global health courses/curricula, (b) describe the primary and secondary characteristics that are distinct to global health , and (c) discuss how the primary and secondary characteristics are reflected in the organizing framework.
The Organizing Framework
Recently, there have been recommendations for the incorporation of systems thinking into global health. Russell et al. (2014) contended that systems thinking offers the principles and methods necessary to address existing and future health challenges in global health. Thus, there is justification for using open systems theory as the basis for the organizing framework which consists of input, process, output, and a feedback loop. The concepts in
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