An Outline Of Joint Funds India Essay

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Chapter 3
Company profile This chapter is fanatical for providing theoretical outline of joint funds India. This chapter too offerings the kinds of countless schemes, advantages and problems and also explicates the applicable terminology. A Mutual fund is a trust that pools the investments of a number of stakeholders who share a mutual financial aim. The money thus composed is then capitalized in capital market instruments such as shares, debentures and other securities. The income received through these funds and the capital increases understood are shared by its element holders in amount to the number of units kept by them. Thus a mutual fund is the most appropriate investment of the common man as it offers a chance to invest in an expanded, skillfully managed basket of securities at a comparatively low cost. The flow chart below defines largely the working of mutual funds.

MUTUAL FUNDS IN INDIA ABN AMRO Mutual Fund │Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund│Bank of Baroda Mutual Fund (BOB Mutual Fund)│HDFC Mutual Fund│HSBC Mutual Fund│ING Vysya Mutual Fund │Prudential ICICI Mutual Fund│Sahara Mutual Fund │State Bank of India Mutual Fund (SBI)│Tata Mutual Fund. The concept of mutual funds in India dates back to the year 1963. The era between 1963 and 1987 marked the existence of only one mutual fund Company in India with Rs. 67bn assets under management (AUM).by the end of its monopoly era. The Unit Trust of India (UTI), by the end of the 80s decade,
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