An Unsung Hero in the Story of America's Independence

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An Unsung Hero in the Story of America’s Independence Thomas Paine was a political philosopher, a solider, an abolitionist, and one of the most significant supporters of the American war for independence. Thomas Paine is most notably recognized for his pamphlet, Common Sense, which he wrote during the early stages of the American Revolution as a call to the colonists to join together and support the fight for independence. Unfortunately, besides this pamphlet, Paine is often unknown, forgotten, and not someone who comes to mind immediately when one thinks of the original founding fathers of American Democracy. When Thomas Paine passed away, it is said that he died in obscurity and only a few people attended his funeral and burial. It is as if Thomas Paine’s life, significance, and what he meant to the American Revolution were unappreciated. However, Thomas Paine should forever be remembered for his enormous support and contributions to American democracy and freedom; Thomas Paine was not only a supporter of the American Revolution, but also a significant contributor who should be remembered as such. Born on January 29, 1737 in Norfolk, England, Thomas Paine spent most of his childhood in that region with his mother and father. As a child, Paine had an adventurous spirit, though his early career involved following in his father’s footsteps of staymaking. Twice, while still a young boy, Paine ran away from home in order to satisfy his curiosity

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