Analyse The Factors That Influence The Victim Of Child Decision Making With Children

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There was a variety of factors that influence the victim in the decision making with children. In general, the victim was hugely conflicted in the decision making with the children. The children are determining force if the mother stay or left from an abuse relationship. The mother considers monetary issue, housing and other necessities in the process of doing something it is extremely difficult to just leave Mothers just wanted to protect their child from the emotional strain from violence and/or moving. The protection expanses to stress from any legal aspect of IVP, helping with translation or court battles on the child. The want to keep the family together is stability because there is emotional support for both mother and child. The risk of getting Child Protective Service involve after calling the police could lead to removal of the child or potential getting help. Especially since the women are from different geographic region laws are different from one another in CPS cases. All the different factors are shared concern of the mother from different locations involving IVP with children.
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The conflicting interest to what is right for the child some victim stays in the relationship, and other seek help. Overall process the victim believes is to taxing on the children from witnesses violence, court process, and being separated. The victims have a group understanding that a professional could help a child emotional and physical wellbeing. The main goal for all is to keep the children and IVP victims
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