Analysis And Dismissal Of A Classroom Program For The Group Of People Who Make Educational Decisions About The Student

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ARD Reflection
ARD are these letters stand for Admission, Review, and Dismissal. It is the Texas name for the group of people who make educational decisions about the student. The purpose of the ARD meeting is to provide an opportunity for parents and educators to discuss and develop an educational program for the student. Every ARD or IEP have to include a form a progress. And what direction the child must take in order to help with the process. ARD helps the teachers and psychologist, principle, and other school faculty that must be present in order to help modified the students learning environment by giving them a little extra help to get over the hump that they need.
This ARD meeting also helps me learn about the different style of test you can give to a child to find out the problem. Like the Johnson woodson Test that is widely- used to measured different levels of reading, mathematics, and knowledge. Not only did we all have a role to act out the scene, but we all had to spend countless hours of our time to research topics on how we wher going to approach this dilemma. By doing this ARD meeting it help me understand things some students must go through to help them better prepare them. I also learned that the parents have every right to not allow the kids to enter these special programs. Because not everyone is going to see this type of situation in a positive way. I like the fact that we did this presentation both a positive view and a negative view. We as future

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