Analysis: Colorado Woman Wins Fight To Continue Topless Gardening Work

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Angelina Garcia
English 125/MW 2:00
Ms. Stamper
August 31, 2016
Summary 2.1
According to, “Colorado Woman Wins Fight to Continue Topless Gardening Work’’, by Kamika Dunlap, a young woman who fights to garden the way she is comfortable. Catherine Pierce gardens topless with nothing but a yellow thong and pink gloves in which she is comfortable; but those around her, other than her husband of course, are unhappy and rather not to see the fifty-two- year old topless. While not only the neighbors, but also the landlord feuds with Ms. Pierce about her wardrobe while gardening and even goes to the extent of planning to evict both Mr. and Ms. Pierce from the residence. The woman who continues to garden topless, yet not nude, is granted

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