Analysis : ' Grit And Mindset '

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Kiara Edwards
Ms Milliner
January 17,2017

Grit and mindset are put under the same category which is positivity.Grit is for one that has more determination than another,they are relentless with the things they do and put in the effort,for example,Winkler states Gritty individuals are tortoise like,distinguished by their propensity to maintain “effort and interest over years despite failure adversity and plateaus in progress.”(Paragraph 4) This quote implies to the definition of grit that a person who is full of grit will try their best to prosper at their goals.Mindset can be very similar in many ways but only in fixation,mindset is when a person is fixed on a particular goal that is set in their mind as a path to …show more content…

The fixation about being gritty is to be relentless of such things as effort.It also takes persistance.In Shakspears Othello,each character has either grooth mindset,fixed mindset or show grit within the play..The play circles the love between the two othello who is a moor and desdemona who is a venetian .In order to break them up the people who surround them go to drastic measures to break them apart.One Character that shows a growth mindset at one point thorugh out the book was cassio.He shows a growth mindset by when getting fired from his job he was able to reevaluate himself and not mope about it he was able to ask for the help of desdemona the person he felt the most closes to.A growth mindset proves that instead of setting yourself up for failure you have the potential to get back on your feet,this is felt to pertain to cassios character because he shows persistency within the story. Another character that shows an example of mindset is brabantio,he shows a fixed mindset when it is

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