Analysis: Joseph Conrad's The Lagoon

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The Lagoon (Joseph Conrad) Q.1. Is the Lagoon a short story? Ans. Joseph Conrad's The Lagoon has a definite plot of a striking tale of human passion, of a last for life and love and the frustration of a longing heart. The plot with limited number of characters (two mainly) has perfect unity through brevity in spite of embracing two distinct incidents of different times. It has an organic structure by joining and synthesizing through the presence of white man with symbolic Malaya setting the Lagoon Conrad exploits the technique of a story within frame – story. Q 2. What is a Lagoon? Explain the significance of the title of the short story The Lagoon. Ans. The word Lagoon (for Latin lacuna, Spanish Laguna) means a stretch of salt water…show more content…
The Malay believed that he might be in league with evil spirits. Q. 8. “He liked the man “– Who is ‘he’ and who is the man? Why did like him? Ans. ‘He’ in Conrad’s the lagoon is the white man, Tuan and ‘the man’ is Arsat, Malay and the protagonist. The white man liked Arsat because he knew how to keep fait in council and how to fight courageously without fear by his side. That is why he came occasionally to pass the night in his hut. Q. 9. ‘She burns no more’ – Who is she? What image is used here to refer to her condition? Ans. In Conrad’s The Lagoon ‘she’ is Diamelen, the beloved of Arsat is at the moment of her final departure from this world. Conrad has employed a superb imagery of fire. Fire that burns at the cost of fuel has been presented to describe life. The fire like the life of Diamelen is going to extinguish for the fuel is consumed. Q .10. What is the journey motif in The Lagoon? Ans. Like his Heart of Darkness, in Conrad’s the lagoon there are different layers of the motif of journey. The first is the physical journey – white man journey to the lagoon the second is psychological journey – journey to Arsat’s heart and his realization to fail to perform his duty which begets the implied journey to hell – a religious

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