Analysis : Missing The DA Form 4843 )

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EFFECT: (1) Missing the required DA FORM 4843(s). Preparing and maintaining on file both the initial and final DA form 4843 is a mandatory requirement per the AR and DODI. The purpose of these documents is to provide supporting details for the official party and to make a determination of the applicable ratio of attendees. In addition, the document is important in order to validate the ratio of authorized guests to DOD participants (see AR 37-47 para 2-7a). It also serves as a tool to minimize costs (see DODI 7250.13, para 4b) and to ensure that only eligible members attend the activity at government cost. (2) Non-compliance with the ORF packet submission period. The weakness here is the reduction in the available time for reviewers…show more content…
The weaknesses noted here was a key factor in calculating a disproportional and incorrect allocation of costs to the CG. Lastly, the protocol office partiality to the SJA’s unapproved and subsequent update for allowable cost and number of participants had the adverse effect of incorrectly changing the basis of the cost sharing calculations. The cost allocation method used and documented in the supporting records is flawed; the result is it has transferred an inequitable and disproportionate higher cost to the CG. No cost sharing with the host. In the second case, the unit by not charging and obtaining a reimbursement by the outgoing CG for his pro rata portion of the event costs for his personal guests (“self-paying guests”) has caused ORF to fully absorb this ineligible cost. We may possibly have an anti-deficiency act violation (i.e. purpose violation.) (5) Unauthorized expenditures – meals for support staff. The expenditure for a non-authorized ORF activity may become a possible anti-deficiency act violation (i.e. purpose violation). (6) Unauthorized expenditures – undocumented request paid with ORF for lodging. The ORF honoree’s one-day lodging is an unauthorized disbursement. This expenditure is unapproved and may become a possible anti-deficiency act violation (i.e. purpose violation). (7) Misunderstanding of command authorities and applicable ORF senior guidance. We have found in several
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