Analysis Of 1984 's ' 1984 '

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Amanda Garcia Advancement Placement Literature and Composition Summer Project 1984 Ms. Shaw 1. 1984 The title 1984 is significant to the some of the themes throughout the novel which are developing technology, propaganda, and the ability to manipulate the truth. Developing technology is shown throughout the novel when telescreens and bombs become commonly used within society; these are examples of the technology modernizing throughout this time period. A second theme significant to the novel 1984 is propaganda led by using an example of Big Brother and Two Minutes/ Week Hate. Big Brother is a symbol of dominance by the Party and is put on posters and telescreens while the Two Minute /Week Hate is toward Goldstein who is against the party and as an anti-party organization. A last theme significant to the novel 1984 is the ability to manipulate the truth led by the Ministry of Truth. The employees in this department alter and destroy history by using the memory hole therefore at this time, those who control the past, controls the future, as well as the citizens whom abide to them. 2. George Orwell lived through WW1, Russians revolutions, the Great Depression, the Rise of Nazism in Germany, the Spanish Civil War, the Stalinist show, WW2, Atomic bombs dropped and the emergence of communism. Orwell’s hatred of communism is deeply emphasized throughout the novel. The novel 1984 is significant to Orwell’s life experiences to communism because at the time Orwell was disturbed

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