Analysis Of 51 Surgeries And Counting: Cj's Struggle

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51 Surgeries and Counting…CJ’s Struggle ________________________________________ “I’m now facing 12 months of non cancer IV chemo to regulate my endocrine system. It has weakened almost to the point of failure due to all the physical stress to my body. I need this time to receive expensive treatment to heal, get back to work, and write my book project about 50 years of medical disasters…oh and by the way…the 4 heart surgeries were due to defects I was born with…I was not smoking and eating pizza every day in my mother’s womb (laugh).” ________________________________________ Imagine each day is filled with intense worry over multiple medical conditions, finances, how you will make each enormous insurance premium, basic bills, and how you'll…show more content…
It will mean 9 12 months of IV infusions, physical rehab, tests and expensive medications to repair the physical stress his body has endured over all these years. The doctors in L.A. are hopeful the new treatment will heal much of the damage and ensure quality of life again. He can put back on the 45 lbs he’s lost and gradually get back to work. But to do this, CJ needs support and the time to heal. He has neither! CJ does not need to cut costs by cutting short his pet’s days. He does not need to suffer through this with worry over insurance premiums and arguing about how the next medical bill will be paid. He doesn’t need to suffer even more, if we have your help. Our goal is to give CJ the time this new treatment takes to heal, to give him this time to focus on health and THEN finances. One year is all CJ needs to get back on his feet and recover, and that year needs to start today. In order for us to provide a security blanket, CJ needs the costs of his medical insurance premiums, basic living costs, and upcoming treatments, the total of which could likely exceed $50,000. We can tell his story with your help. We can give this man a chance to recover what he’s lost with only a little help from a lot of
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