Analysis Of ' A Starbuck 's Ad By Tori Freeman

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When an American views an advertisement, his or her subconscious mind depicts details and discovers hidden motives. Advertisements urge Americans to analyze their lifestyle, societal expectations, and realize how they portray the archetype of an American. Although a bad American offers society some positive contributions, he or she faces disorganization, and self-satisfaction, and unbalanced priorities regarding his or her spiritual, social, and work life. Bad Americans also strive to achieve credibility. Whereas, a good American contributes to the welfare of others through his or her self-sacrificing nature and handles balanced priorities. Societal expectations also impact whether or not one portrays a good or bad American. In a …show more content…

Each description tempts the audience to crave a beverage from Starbucks, causing them to embrace self-indulgence, another quality treasured by a bad American. The presence of the words in the advertisement reflect elements of pathos. The ad contains various descriptions, which are displayed in a green font and outlined in the color, white. The color, green, symbolizes progress, vitality, balance, and wealth, whereas the color, white “... aids mental clarity and encourages [individuals] to clear clutter or obstacles” (Kelly Smith). When one views the advertisement, his or her subconscious mind notices the font’s color and the white outlining which clarifies each individual word. The advertiser’s decision to utilize the color green, acts as pathos by highlighting qualities the majority of Americans strives to achieve, while acting as a subconscious play on the characteristics that a bad American fails to achieve, provoking the emotional response of discontent. The presence of the word “you”, a choice of typography, encourages self-centeredness, while showcasing the intended audience. The word “you” appears larger than the other phrases found on the ad, and the majority of people who view the ad will not read all of the descriptions, causing them to automatically see the word “you”. This aspect shows that the audience that he or she is the most significant element of the advertisement, which is vital to allowing them to personally identify

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