Analysis Of A Trailer Of A Movie Or Advertisement From A Systemic Functional Analysis

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An analysis of a trailer of a movie or advertisement from a systemic functional analysis can be used to identify the semiotic techniques or resources that are the aspects for gender stereotypes. Semiotic resources such as perspective angle, gaze, and the plane of composition are used to investigate the stereotype implications of masculine and feminist. These same resources are applicable to advertisements (Terence).This paper discusses the gender semiotic facts in filming based on a review of Fast and Furious 7.
The movie trailer has been chosen for analysis because it is timeless in its appeal. The movie was a highly acclaimed one, and people in the world greatly watched it. It was very famous for its epic touch and great revolution on the film industry. It would be interesting to have a semiotic analysis of gender as portrayed in this great movie. The relations between men and women are a central idea in the filming industry. Laura Mulvey added a political dimension by taking into account specific film strategies to highlight the underlying relations of power on gender models in filming industry. For a long time, the masculine gender has dominated the industry while the feminist gender has been undermined.

The trailer of the movie Fast and Furious 7 portrays a series of events from car racing, guns shooting, exceptional driving skills with actors falling off from the skies on an airplane, and speedy car driving. The gaze, camera angles, and composition of the theme of…
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