Analysis Of ' A Woman Like Me '

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In XI Xi’s work, “A Woman like Me”, the narrator is a woman who works as a cosmetician for the dead, and throughout the entire story she says how her job has lost her friends over the years. Which in some parts of the text she mentions her fear that if Xia, her boyfriend, were to find out that she deals with the dead he will leave her. It is from this fear of death that mainly drives away her friends , and the very idea that she works with the dead with no problem scares her friends away. It such the fear of death that most stray away it when possible as it reminds them of their own mortality. Although despite her career choice and the cultural role it plays, she is hopeful that the reaction of Xia after he finds out, it will turn out well. The story begins with the quote, “ I’m surprised that our love has reached this far, especially for a woman such as myself”(XiXi 303). In more detail, the narrator explores that typical woman like her are expected to not find love because of her profession, which it is assumed is not normal for women in her culture. I however, am convinced that she is a proud and brave woman because of how her career has shaped her. While it appears that she is doubtful of the meeting she is rather hopeful of the future despite her circumstance, which is the restrictions of the social norms of her social life.
This story complicates the idea of how a woman feels about her career and the man she loves versus how she should feel from the people of her

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