Analysis Of ' Ah ' Are You Digging On My Grave '

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Poets are very cleaver when it come to the way they say things in their poems. Most poets don’t just come out and say what they are going to say. They seem to write about something totally off topic but then you understand what they are talking about. They are almost long metaphors, which aren’t very easy to understand. They also say someing in the way they write the poem. The structure is very important. They place things in certain ways or at certain times and you don’t really think about it unless you read the poem deeply, as in actually study it. Thomas Hardy did this in “Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave”
Throughout the ancient world reputation and respect were determined by one thing; showing off. Now men in these days showed off their strength, power, speed, greatness in battle, and courage. This was pretty much the only way you heard of anyone in these days if they were strong brave and killed a lot of people. Even look at the stories of monsters. You never hear stories about the foot long dragon stealing socks and getting rid of your rat problem. You hear about giant dragons destroying whole cities and killing for fun, trolls stealing children and monsters of all kinds doing horrible things. Men with greatness earned this in battle and being courageous. Burton Raffel’s Beowulf enforces this even more. Beowulf’s only motivation is respect and power. From the time you meet Beowulf in Burton Raffel’s Beowulf you learn of this. “In his far-off home Beowulf, Higlac’s

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