Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother Essay

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Author and professor of Law at Yale University, wrote a book entitled “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” where the op-ed title from the Wall Street Journal, “Why Chinese Moms are Superior”. This book and article were written to show where the Western parenting style falls flat and where the Chinese, or, Tiger Mother parenting style has better trade-offs. Her argument does have some well thought out points, but does not have the persuasiveness to make people reexamine their own parenting style.
Amy Chua is trying to show that the Chinese/Tiger Mother parenting style is more effective in raising children then the Western parenting style. Supporting this argument she explains that when it comes to teaching a kid how to do something whether or not they like it, they will begin to like it once they have mastered it, because they will get praise and admiration from those who see or hear what they are doing. “This builds confidence and makes the once not-fun activity fun” (Chua 262). Her daughter, Lulu, went through this when she was trying to teach her a piano piece and her daughter was having a hard time and wanted to give up on it, but Amy Chua, her mother, persuaded her to keep going. Eventually, Lulu got it, and when she played it at her recital, everyone loved it and said that the piece was perfect for her. This made her happy and she wanted to keep playing it.
She later goes on to talk about how calling a child names is a way of getting them to work harder at something. They

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