Analysis Of ' Annabel Lee ' By Edgar Allen Poe

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Saralyn Wilson Mr. Brown English 1102 27 October 2015 Annabel Lee: Analysis “Annabel Lee” was written in May of 1949 by Edgar Allen Poe, just a few months before he died. It discusses the intensity of the love between the narrator and Annabel Lee. In the poem the speaker is telling the story of the love between him and his Annabel Lee. They were just children who lived in a kingdom by the sea but their love was so strong that even the angels were jealous. Then one day she got sick and she died, her family came and took her away to be locked in a sepulcher, a burial chamber, by the sea. No matter how hard the angels tried they could not extinguish the love between the speaker and Annabel Lee. Some very important things to consider while reading this poem are the way it was written, the form and meter; the speaker, how he pulls you into the poem; and the setting, the kingdom by the sea. Also there are some key themes throughout this poem, which include, love, mortality, the supernatural, and nature. There is also a lot of symbolism in the story. Some of the symbols include the kingdom, the sea, the sepulcher, the angels, and the moon and stars. While analyzing the poem one might look at the form and meter, the speaker, and the setting. Poe wrote the poem using pairs of short and long lines and separated the parts of the stories into stanzas. He also uses a rhyme scheme in this poem. The short lines always rhyme; ending in words like sea, Lee, and me. Some, but not all, of the
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