Analysis Of Anne Sexton 's Her Kind

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When speaking your feeling does not express the truth within you, written words maybe the only solution. Depression is not always easy to put into words; however, Anne Sexton uses poetry to express her emotions. After the birth of her second child Sexton suffered a mental break down. In “Her Kind” Sexton describes how she feels isolated from the world. She refers to herself as a possessed witch whose warm caves lay in the woods. Sexton uses analogy to express her house as the warm cave in the woods. This type of metaphor expressed how sexton feels about herself compared to society. Throughout the poem see uses repetation of I have been her kind. Meaning that she has tried to fit into the social norm of a women’s role, but continued to feel isolated. Finally, she states that she has ridden in a cart as she is spoken to the drover of the cart. The cart is referring to death. Which she believes is the only way out of her isolation. Sexton expresses her feeling so isolation through “Her kind”. Three stages of life are within the poem: stanza one depicts adulthood, becoming a mother and wife during stanza two, then her desire toward death as she expresses a sense of freedom as “she waves her nude arms to the villages”. be describing her childhood life, then is continues into A few years after writing the poem sexton successes at her desire to death by suicide.
The tone of Anne Sexton’s poem is quiet with an intense sense of story, emotion, and imagery. The journey through

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